Daybook, hurry up and get it done in five minutes edition

Outside my window::  It is gray and rainy and gross, but at least the fog that made it look like we were walking the streets of 18th century England seem to have lifted.  Snow in the forecast for tomorrow, but I didn’t tell the boys.  I don’t want to get their hopes up that a: there will be enough to play in and b: school will be out.

I am listening to:: talk radio, and a quiet house.  Everyone is still sleeping, and I need to take advantage of it!

I am thankful:: That the hubs decided to paint yesterday– all the common areas have a coat right now, and though it could all use a second, at least its looking so much better!

Learning all the time::  I have to get schooling back underway today for Katie, but we’ve got so much cleaning to do.  We’re having our Pastor over for dinner tonight, and it would be nice if the place looked respectable!

Celebrating the Liturgical Year::  We’re back to ordinary time!  I’m really trying to live the seasons, feasts and fasts and all, and I was surprised how LOOOONG Christmas was taking!  I need to do some more planning next year to make it more meaningful for the family.  I think it all comes down to food. 🙂

From the Kitchen::  I’ve got a meal plan this week, and I”m not afraid to use it!  Actually, I”m pretty excited; Chicken on Monday, Beef on Tuesday, Pork on Wednesday, Leftovers on Thursday, Meatless on Friday, Something fun for the family on Saturday (to go with movie night), Something interesting on Sunday.  I think the food shopping will be done first thing on Saturday mornings (which means no sleeping in 😦 ).  I”m hoping this works!

I am working on::  scedules, once again!  I put one together last week, and wow, if that didn’t make a huge difference around here.  I think a huge reason why some of the kids were getting in fights was because they were bored.  I”m embarrased to admit that!   We’ve got a block of time in the afternoon that we need to fill in with something meaningful for the little ones to do while the big ones are being shuttled around, but when we stick to things, they really seem to work.  I also have to draw up some cleaning schedules, but those are starting today, and will probably be driven by what needs to be cleaned today.

I am creating::  a prettier home.  I hope.   That’s the plan!

I am going::  to call Southwest to find when I can get a good priced ticket home that doesn’t route me through five other cities.  I need to see my parents.

I am hoping::  This is a big one.  Last week, we took Alex in to have his eyesight checked to see if he needs vision therapy.   Writing, spelling, reading… it has all suffered for years, and I’ve been struggling with the question of whether he can’t or he won’t do the Iwork.  It may very well be all this time that he couldn’t.  It has been frustrating all this time, because he’s been able to work, but it sounds like he’s been working SO HARD to do what he’s done.  He’s a really strong kid, and I’ve seen that strength here, too.  Hopefully, not only is he a candidate for therapy, but that it will “cure” a myriad of problems for him, so that he can meet with some real success and feel better about himself.

I am praying::      Maybe I should say I “was” praying.  I was doing well with reading the Bible each morning and spending some time in quiet prayer, but I’ve been neglecting it the past few days, and wow, do I feel it.  Its in the schedule, and I’ll have to just “do it” this morning since I’ve already started my day.

I am reading::   something that I picked up from the library, fiction wise, but I”m not crazy about it.  Its tough to find good fiction to just curl up and relax with.

Around the house::  the tree is finally coming down today, and I”m working at some crazy organizing.  I just wished I was more jazzed about it.

One of my favorite things::  coffee.  Maybe I like it too much….

Plans for the week::  dinner with the Padre tonight, allergy shots and karate, more allergy shots and karate, possibly an allergy skin test for the littlest guy this morning (I never wrote it down and have to call the Dr this morning to see if we need to be there in about an hour and a half– bah!).

Uh, oh, that took longer than ten minutes!


About Anne McD @ourlittlenthouse

Hey! I'm a stay at home, Catholic mom of 7, former homeschooler, now public schooler. Welcome to our crazy. Please excuse the noise.
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