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Day book– Sunny Sunday Morning

Outside my window::  It is sunny and the birds are chirping!!  Thank you, Puxatany Phil, for seeing your shadow!  We’re supposed to have a high of 51 today, and I’ll take it.  I’m kicking the kids outside and darn if … Continue reading

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Urgh.  I can’t sleep.  Not exactly sure why, since I didn’t get much last night, either, but I think the bowl of cereal just before I went to bed probably didn’t help.  Then I started looking online while hoping to … Continue reading

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Seven Quick Takes

1. Yes, I know, I know, I’m supposed to be offline this Lent. Sue me. I heard a great explination on the mortifications that we give ourselves for Lent, by the bishop in the Stubenville area (not sure if Stubenville … Continue reading

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Earth to Mommy, come in Mommy…..

Ben was standing outside, talking into the air vent that connects to the stove fan.  Great fun for the kids, let me tell you, to talk to me from outside. Ben:  Can you hear me? Me:  yes Ben:  Can you … Continue reading

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Clearing the cobwebs

and hopefully, organizing the house! Who am I kidding.  I’m on the hamster wheel, folks, and we’re running, we’re running, we’re running…. I did have a pretty big accomplishment today, though and that would be cleaning out and organizing the … Continue reading

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I’m just stopping in real quick to let you all know that I’m suffering Facebook withdrawl.  If you would, please comment, and then I can have a real conversation with someone. Think of it a niccorette for Facebook.  Like, Bloggerette.  … Continue reading

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January Recap

February 4th?  Already??  Where did January go??  I figured I’d just give you all a bit of a recap, and maybe I’ll feel like I didn’t just stick my head under a pillow and hope that January would get the … Continue reading

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