January Recap

February 4th?  Already??  Where did January go??  I figured I’d just give you all a bit of a recap, and maybe I’ll feel like I didn’t just stick my head under a pillow and hope that January would get the heck out of here.

James tested for his red belt in karate and passed.  I’m so proud of him.  This is something that he LOVES and is just for him, and he’s really doing well with it.  It will be so much fun to see what else he puts his mind to, but in the meantime, he’s halfway to black belt!


This was actually in December, but anywhoo…. On the Feast of the Holy Family we went in to DC on a whim and went to the Shrine of the Immacuate Conception.   I hadn’t been there since, oh, I don’t know, high school?  Wow.  We couldn’t have picked a better time.  It was still completley decorated for Christmas, and we were there for the High Mass.  Smells and bells, my friends.  Smells and bells.  As the choir processed in before the vicar, I started crying and just couldn’t stop until sometime during the readings.  It struck me that if this was so beautiful, how much more wonderful will Heaven be?  Amazing.



As I mentioned in my earlier post, Alex started Vision Therapy, and thanks be to God, its working!  Of course, we had our success on Thursday, were crazy busy on Friday and Saturday, and today he’s been sick.  I have to make sure we get back to work tomorrow with his excercises so that we don’t lose any progress!  I’m trilled for him.  He’s really excited about the prospect of school work getting easier for him,  and hopefully getting rid of his motionsickness.


(I’m sorry to say I don’t have a picture of Alex from the past month or so, since he’s been behind the camera for a lot of the ones I have!  This will be rectified very soon 🙂

Katie is too much.  She is seven going on seventeen, let me tell you.  I wish I ever had a fraction of the self confidence this girl has.  She’s plugging along with school, and she’s thinking she might want to try gymnastics.  I’ll have to look into this.  You know, since we’re not busy enough.  I don’t want to shortchange her, though, so I have a few ideas.  In the meantime, she’s devouring books on ocean life and getting ready for her First Confession and First Holy Communion.  I’m thinking we’ve got a date looking for a dress in our future!

SDC10388(Again, I need more recent pictures!)

Will has decided he wants to learn how to read.  Awesome. This leads to things like him trying to sound out the word “sauce” by reading the word “tostidos” upside down on the lid of a cheese sauce.  He has gotten a few words, though, so he’s quite proud of himself.


Ben.  Ah, Ben.  This kid is a panic.  Jon’s dad sent him a few pictures from the early 80’s the other day, and wouldn’t you know it, Ben looks just like his daddy.


And Lilly.  I’ve tried to teach her a couple of signs to help bring down THEINSANESCREECHINGSHEINSISTSONTOGETWHATSHEWANTS!!!!  In the meantime, this is what our beautiful little girl looks like when she first wakes up from a nap:


That hair of hers adds five inches around the circumference of her head.  Easily.

Okay, well, if nothing else, its late, and hopefuly, this was enough to get me  sleepy enough to get to sleep.


About Anne McD @ourlittlenthouse

Hey! I'm a stay at home, Catholic mom of 7, former homeschooler, now public schooler. Welcome to our crazy. Please excuse the noise.
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