Urgh.  I can’t sleep.  Not exactly sure why, since I didn’t get much last night, either, but I think the bowl of cereal just before I went to bed probably didn’t help.  Then I started looking online while hoping to tire out, and now I’ve got all sorts of things running through my head, and I don’t think that helps much.

Hmm?  What’s that?  I said I was giving up screentime for Lent?  Yeah, you can just sit down.  I havne’t given it up completely.  I’m probably rationalizing, but even with decreased time, I’m doing better.  I’ve been reading my Bible and paying more attention to the kids, but I bet if I did cut it out entirely, I’d change things a bit around here.  I’m so not good with sacrifice.  That’s not good.


Oh, and we’re trying to get rid of our piano on craigslist.  Literally give it away.  I coudn’t give it to anyone I know because man, its in rough shape.  Some of the keys don’t work, its got paint on it, the keys are broken and colored with markers….. I just want it out.  Unfortunatly, we waited three hours for some guy to show up and he never did.  I guess part of the reason I I coudn’t sleep is I’m just hoping a crazy axe murderer doesn’t show up to kill us all.  Always on the positive I am!


I’ve been thinking about a couple of millitary moms that I know and how setting up house seems to work for them.  These women move in, unpack, decorate, and then do it all over again two years later.  I’ve been in this house for over eight years, and we’ve never painted our bedroom.  So many things here have never been done, decorated, sewn, hung, etc.  I need to get on my game and start DECORATING.  I think my perfectionism is seriously hindering me, so I need get over it and remember that things don’t have to be done perfectly for me to enjoy it.  I look back to my dorm rooms, and I loved to decorate them because it wasn’t about doing things “right,” but surrounding myself with the things I love.  Maybe I just have a hangup about what a “grownup” house is supposed to look like, and I have to get over that.  What I want is a comfortable house that we all love.  Now I just need to do it.


Ben was a panic today.  He somehow got it in his head that we were going to go swimming at an indoor pool.  At one point, Will came up to the Hubs and said, “um, you’re going to want to see this,” and brought him upstairs to see Ben standing on their dresser in their closet.  Apparently, that was so he could reach his swim trunks.  What Jon didn’t know was that Ben then went around and told the others we were going.  Poor kids– they were bummed to find out there was not swimming this cold, fridgid day.  On the upside, Ben was walking around the house in his swimtrunks and docksiders all day.  Adorable little preppy that he is.


Valentine’s day was so sweet.  Katie made breakfast for me!  She told me the night before that she and Will had a surprise for me in the morning, and that I couldn’t go downstairs without them.  The next morning, while being told to keep my eyes closed from the time my feet hit the floor in my room (I peeked so I wouldn’t fall down the stairs), I got to the kitchen to find fried eggs, toast, grapes and a cup of coffee!  She is such a sweet girl, and needs some special girl time, with all the boys driving her crazy!

Alrighty, I’m getting tired.  Here’s hoping I get some sleep 😛


About Anne McD @ourlittlenthouse

Hey! I'm a stay at home, Catholic mom of 7, former homeschooler, now public schooler. Welcome to our crazy. Please excuse the noise.
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