Day book– Sunny Sunday Morning

ImageOutside my window::  It is sunny and the birds are chirping!!  Thank you, Puxatany Phil, for seeing your shadow!  We’re supposed to have a high of 51 today, and I’ll take it.  I’m kicking the kids outside and darn if they won’t enjoy the sunshine.  I know I will!

I am thankful for::  A husband who is onboard with me when it comes to how we want to educate our children.  I know it truly is a blessing, and I”m very grateful for that!

I am thinking about::  Unschooling.  Not radical, let the kids do what they want, but giving the kids a bit more autonomy next year, while working with them to establish goals for what they’re going to study next year.  I think it might be more “cooperative schooling.”  More on that later. 🙂

In the schoolroom::  Its a hot mess.  Still.  Maybe today I’ll unearth it as I plow through with the 40 bags in 40 days challenge.  I unloaded a full bag of no-brainer trash from a certain bedroom last night.  Methinks we have too much junk.

From the kitchen::  Once I unearth it once and for all (so much for a relaxing Sunday, right?) I need to make a meal plan and stick with it.  Thanks for the encouragement on that one, “G”!

I am creating::  A quilt!  I’ve been cutting little by little, and I decided to keep it very simple, but I’m so excited to work on it, because the colors are so pretty.  Its nice to have something creative to do with your hands.

I am working on:: Getting the house in order.  Remember the junk comment above?

I am reading::  I’m just about finished with Crossing on the Paris. Its not bad.  I’ve had a time or two where I had to skip a bit on “heaving bosoms” and such, but its pretty good, nonetheless.  I’m getting back into the novel concept of reading for fun, and I feel like I’m navigating uncharted waters.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, especially ones without bosoms.

On a completley different topic, I’m working on Consoling the Heart of Jesus this Lent.  Enough people have said that its life changing, and so far, its very good and thought provoking.

I am praying for:: my children, my family, the cardinals…. 

I am hearing::  more than I did when I started this.  🙂  Almost everyone is up now, and I have to kick it into high gear.  I’m growing to enjoy going to Mass in the evening on Sundays, giving us time to linger and hang out in the morning, though I do miss putting Mass first thing in the morning.  Give and take.

Around the house::  See above. 🙂  Hopefully, there will be someone coming to pick up our piano so that we can declutter that, too.  Its old, its broken and its taking up valuable real esate.  Its amazing what people will respond to as free on craigslist!

One of my favorite things::  Watching the kids create things.  James has made three duct tape wallets this morning, and he’s working dilligently on another right now.  I love me some creativity.

A few plans for the rest of the week::  Busy, as usual.  But I do have a coffee date with friends to look forward to (though it requires getting all the little ones out of bed early to bring the boys to school.  I can’t complain, I’ve had it really good with the hubs working from home on this front!)

A picture thought::

We found a flash drive yesterday and downloaded a bunch of pictures from last summer.  I’m ready for warmer weather!!

(okay, the pictures are all over the place.  WordPress is being wonky)



About Anne McD @ourlittlenthouse

Hey! I'm a stay at home, Catholic mom of 7, former homeschooler, now public schooler. Welcome to our crazy. Please excuse the noise.
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5 Responses to Day book– Sunny Sunday Morning

  1. Teresa says:

    Great post! You inspired me to do a similar post on my blog. I enjoy reading yours. Keep it up!!!

  2. Kathryn Biel says:

    I am reading ‘Fellow Mortals’ by Dennis Mahoney. He was 2 years ahead of us at CCHS. It is very good, very character driven, and not a lot of heaving bosoms. I recommend it highly.

  3. Helen Fullinwider says:

    I like cooperative schooling. That sounds good!

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