A Day in the Life

So.  I’m sure you’re dying to know what I do e very day.  Goodness knows I wonder where the day goes every day.  So, for your reading pleasure (lets see how long  you make it!) I give you, my day:

7:15– The Hubs leaves to bring the boys to school, after asking me three times if I wanted to bring them.  I just couldn’t make that big a decison first thing in the morning.  I finally decide its better if he drives.

7:34– Ben comes downstairs for breakfast.  I contemplate just how cute tighty whities are on little bums.

7:37– Have argument with Ben over fact that if he’s cold, his best bet is to wear clothing, not his blanlet.  I think I win.

7:40– Ben manages to sit in his own bowl of cereal, necessitating a new pair of tighty whities.  Upgrades to kackhis, no shirt.  Insists on fireplace on.


7:49- Will wakes up and comes downsairs.  Surveys the scene and decides he’ not dressed appropriatley for breakfast.  Reimerges a few minutes later wearing tighty whities and a blanket.

7:54– listen to Lilly bang spoon on table repeatedly while Will says “no, Lilly!” eighteen times.  Reduces himself to shaking head and giving the Ceaser “thumbs down.”

7:56– Lilly’s done torturing her brother and wants down.

8:00– holding Lilly and she looks at my computer causing it to freeze up.  Urgh.  reboot.

8:02– Ben asks to watch a movie and I promptly forget that i swore off all tv for the kids yesterday.  Again.

8:05– start sweeping floor.  I hate crunchy floors.

8:28– attempt to make my breakfast

8:30– still haven’t finished floor.  Lilly is extra cuddly today.  Can’t say I’m comp;aining.

8:31– nearly knock coffee mug to floor.  Grateful I didn’t so I don’t have to sweep broken mug.

8:32–knock glass bowl to floor.  Commence sweeping glass.

8:36- hubs home from school run

8:39– attempt to turn off tv after George to major protests.  Recommit to no TV EVER for kids.  Again.

8:49–I ignore that the Cat in the Hat is on b/c I still need to eat.  Will mentiones to me that its kina religous b/c there’s no fighting.  I’ll go with that.

9:00- make sure Katie is still breathing.  She’s got a birthday coming, so there’s probably a growth spurt in the making.  Sigh.

9:07– finally wipe up milk from floor from Ben’s Milk-Butt episode.

9:13– entertain the idea of showering today while eating cold eggs and drinking cold coffee.

9:23– realize if I don’t go now, I may never shower.

9:24–Ben’s back on my lap

9:25– deny requests for Minecraft to Will despite his impenatrable logic.

9:27–head to shower while the hubs signs for rather large package from FedEx.  Now I can climb into his truck w/o making a fool of myself.

9:32– start water, strip bed, run wash, take reeeeealy long shower.  Katie emerges from her long winter’s night slumber and asks to watch a movie.  I say yes, whilst recommitting to no tv.  Lilly walks out of bathroom while I’m showering with three rolls of toilet paper, so I figure its time to wrap it up.

10:03–simultaneously wonder what that horrid smell is while I notice Lilly staring at her finger.  Change diaper.

(good gads, people, are you still reading this?  Either you’re that loyal, or really, really bored)

10:07– nurse Lilly.  I hope she’s not getting sick, she’s so clingy today.

10:39– just realized Lilly has nursed herself to sleep sans diaper, and its tooooooo qqquuuiiiieeeeeyttttt………must investigate…would rther keep reading blogs….

10:53– decide enough is enough and I should put sleeping naked baby down and stop reading blogs and find out what they’re wtching.  Lilly wakes right up.

11:30– folding and decluttering kids clothes.  I feel so productive!

11:34– Yougurt break! (buys me more blog reading….)

11:47–The Hubs walks in, mad as hell and ain’t gonna take it.  The thingie that he got for the truck is the wrong size.  Thats’s all I need to know.

11:52– wow.  Wayyyy too much yougurt.  Lets pretend that’s lunch and hit the laundry hard, peeps.

11:53– Will holds a carrott up to his pants to ask me if his pants are indeed carrott collored like Katie just called them.  I reassured him they are a much hipper rust color and he’s now holding that over her head.  And eating the carrrot

12:01–okay, laundry, I mean it….

12:10– threw out three pink t-shirts.  Rookie mistake

12:12– heard a thud and called out, “careful!”  Why do I do that?

12:13– Katie and Ben are using food coloring in the kitchen making frozen boats.  Unsupervised.  I’m sure this will be fine.

12:15— Lilly walks in making a weird mouth noise and I fish a choking hazard out of her mouth.  Look up at the Sacred Heart picture in our bedroom and offer up an earnest “Thank you!” for the gazillionth time.

12:30– call Katie upstairs with mathbook to get some schoolwork done.

12:33– Ben found a “nittle” (nickle) and starts pole dancing on my bed.  Bad Ben.

12:36– discuss why shoving entire package of fruit snacks in mouth is a choking hazard with Will.

12:37– explain to Ben I have no idea where his nettle is.

123:38– insist that my bed is not a moonbounce

12:39– Ben and Will decide they are graveyard ogres.  No more tv.


12:58–still. folding. laundry.

1:06– Katie still working on Math, and I”m letting the three littles tear apart my room while I fold fold fold….

1:09–do you ever fantacize that all your laundry spontaneously combusts, requiring you to repurchase everythign for everyone, in a much smaller number of high quality, good priced, insurance paid clothing?  No?  Just me?

1:12– impromptu game of hide and seek with the little boys.  Folding be damned.

1:18–epic fail.  Kids playing in fort, back to the laundry grind.

1:23–clean up defrosting red-food dye infused water particles off carpet (rememer the above experiment?)  Resolve to always listen to the little voice that tells me to put something away when I see it, like half frozen red water on a table upstairs in the hallway.

1:28– break up fight by reading to Will.  Maybe I can sneak in some reading lessons….

1:42– stop Ben from popping Lilly’s head off like a dandelion, and realize there’s a puddle of water on my bedroom rug.  I need a nap.  Have to leave in half an hour to get the boys, and the kids need to eat something.   Laundry still not folded.  Blech.

2:21– change Lilly out of her supercute yoga pants because she sat in mac and cheese (twice), get dressed and run off to get the boys from school.

2:31– and we’re off!


5:18– Home!!  Phew  … Alex’s arm has been shot with allergens, I had a very interesting conversation with a woman we see there a lot who is a teacher about kids and how they learn and homeschooling (she was so supportive– awesome!) and Lilly screamed so much on the way home she gagged, and when she gags, she pukes.  Yea.



5:19– commence apple bread making.  Sorry Katie. 😦

5:27–take break from crushing dry brown sugar to insist that Ben wash his hands after using the potty….

5:37–send a certain chid out front to play BY HIMSELF so he can (hopefully) calm down

5:39–send the rest out back

5:40–Will is ticked he can’t find a shirt ANYWHERE.  I suggest he check his dresser.  Sad commentary on how often I get laundry back into the dresseres.

5:48– apple bread in the oven, start rice for chicken rice soup

5:49–issue warnings to certain child that if anyone is hit with a ball it won’t be pretty

(are you really still with me??  Wow.  Love. You.)

5:55- rice, rice, baby.

6:01–gave the Hubs and the big boys my dissertation on why I’m not shelling out money for book covers at this stage of the game.

6:08– Played the song for the Hubs and took a dance break. He thinks I’m nuts.  He married nuts.

6:17– listening to the Hubs discuss with Ben why he can’t bring tomato stakes inside.  Wondering who’s going to win.

6:18– The Hubs reigns victorious

6:20– Mambo #5 on Youtube

6:24– Ricky Martin

6:28–gave the dinner reigns over to the Hubs adn will just brought in the first flower of the season from the kids.  Swoon.

6:48–OMgosh, we’ll never eat dinner….

6:53–ohmygosh, some children have no concept of reality.

7:00–dinner.  finally.


7:03–world war 3 erupts.  Damn legos.

7:19–post dinner coma coming on.  Urgh.

7:51–It’s amazing how quickly you can get kids to pick up legos if you threaten to spank every child in the houes and the ones down the street if its not done by the time you count to 60.  Have I mentioned that my kids are great counters?


7:58–wow.  there’s yougurt on the carpet

9:10–Lilly dropped a lego house on my laptop and it rebooted.  Tres annoy.  Maybe its a sign.  I’ve also lost the last hour of my post.  Ohwells.

Okay, things are only going to get better here, and I’ve got to get this vision therapy done with Alex, that Will just pointed out we haven’t done before falling asleep.  If you’ve made it this far, wow.  I’m impressed.  I’m surprised I made it this far, and I have a vested interest in all this nonsene!  Have a great day, and I’ll see you tomorrow!


About Anne McD @ourlittlenthouse

Hey! I'm a stay at home, Catholic mom of 7, former homeschooler, now public schooler. Welcome to our crazy. Please excuse the noise.
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11 Responses to A Day in the Life

  1. Kackyk says:

    LOVE and we had chicken rice soup too!!

  2. You’re just making all this up to make me feel better . . . aren’t you 🙂 Loved the part about Will trying to convice you that the Cat in the Hat is religious!!

  3. Helen Fullinwider says:

    Hey, we don’t watch any TV either! 😉

  4. Elizabeth says:

    You have a wonderful life. I only have 1 at home during the day now, and it took him AAALLLLL DAAAAYYYY to keep focused enough to write his paragraph. Just 1 now.

  5. Angela says:

    Hilarious, Anne! Loved reading this.:)

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