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So THAT explains it.

Really. So, of course I wanted to wean my sweet little darling because she’s been a bit…needy the past couple of days. Nursing more than usual, demanding to be up (“Down!”) pointing and saying “iwantit” but never happy with what … Continue reading

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Checking in, friends

Hey there!  I’m not even going to try to get away with another daybook post.  It just feels so…..uninspired.  Like this: On my computer:: I’m on it too much Around the house:: I’ve been doing dishes, but not as fast … Continue reading

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Daybook– “Is She Ever Going to Post Anything but a Daybook?” edition

Outside my window:: Sunny but chilly. This weather is all. over. the. place. It rained like crazy over the weekend, and that seemed to usher in the cold winds, but its green and pretty and good gracious, I’m talking about … Continue reading

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Sunday Night Daybook

Outside my window::  Darkness.  I need to be asleep! I am thankful for:: Bargain priced fabric!  I may actually pull off two slipcovers for ten buckaroonies.  I’ll share as I go on! I am thinking about::  sleep schedules and getting … Continue reading

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Things I wish I got a picture of today

….Ben wearing my sunglasses as we picked up the kiddoes from various schooling activities.  Wearing isn’t the right word.  He owned them.  That kid rocked my sunglasses.  Its so not fair. ….the, “contraption” that Alex and James worked on this … Continue reading

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