Things I wish I got a picture of today

….Ben wearing my sunglasses as we picked up the kiddoes from various schooling activities.  Wearing isn’t the right word.  He owned them.  That kid rocked my sunglasses.  Its so not fair.

….the, “contraption” that Alex and James worked on this afternoon.  They took two scooters, and used gorilla tape and spare wood pieces to secure them to one thing to ride.  They usually do this by holding them, but I guess they figured they could make it slightly easier to ride if it was one piece.  Unfortunatley, it didn’t work.  Next time, guys, next time.

….James’ face as I left his room tonight after reading to the big guys.  He was pretty much asleep, and looked much like his sleeping little sister.  My beautiful babies….

….. okay, more of a video moment, but I said to Ben at Target, when I got him and Lilly situated in a cart with extra seating, that it was “Totally awesome” and sure enough, he kept piping up every now and again just how “TOTALLY AWESOME!!!” it was, complete with hand gestures.

….Will, in the backseat, after learning about dentists in his co-op was rocking his “TOTALLY AWESOME!!!” medical gloves and paper facemask.



About Anne McD @ourlittlenthouse

Hey! I'm a stay at home, Catholic mom of 7, former homeschooler, now public schooler. Welcome to our crazy. Please excuse the noise.
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