7 Quick Takes– Rainy Friday Morning that I really Would Rather Spend in Bed Edition

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7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 220)


1.  My new phone is coming today!  Since I’ve lost my cell phone about two months ago (I KNOW!), I’ve been in a weird state of limbo.  Of course, I went into panic mode and suffered the shakes due to withdrawl for the first week or so, but once it subsided I realized, this is kinda nice!  I no longer was tempted to check FB or email on a near constant basis, and could actually leave the world behind for a few hours when I went somewhere.  Only problem was, when I went somewhere, I had NO contact with the outside world.  And being a worrywart woman from a long line of worrywart women (I’m working on it….), I’ve been convinced something bad would happen and I’d need my phone.  Okay, it just might be a smart thing to have one on me.  But guess what!  The hubs realized that we’re at a point in our plan where we can upgrade for free (phew!) so he hammered out the deets yesterday and I’ve got a new phone with a pretty new skin coming today.  And that makes me smile a bit.

2.  This, of course, leads right into something I’ve been thinking about, which is the best way to limit my time online.  I could go cold turkey, but there are some things I want/need.  I just don’t want my kids’ memory of me is with a laptop.  How do you manage your time online?  I’m thinking I’ll keep ye old ‘puter upstairs and somewhat inaccessible throughout the day to keep the temptation down, and have set times to do certain things.  We’ll see!

3.  Thank you so much for reading and commenting on my first installment on the Esolen book!  In an effort to “keep it real,” I feel I must come clean about something:  I was DESPERATE to get the kids’ clothes organized and pared down (four bags went to charity yesterday, booyah!) and the minute I sent them out back it started raining, so, um, they watched a. lot. of tv yesterday.  But!  In between the raindrops yesterday, we did go strawberry picking, and they had an awesome time about it.  Kinda like giving them broccoli after too much chocolate, right?

4.  5 more days until away school is done!!!  I’m stoked- I’ve almost got my boys back!  I need to really hit the books my self and get our new year planned out.  I might post my plans here, and you might find them shockingly similar to other people’s plans on ye old internet.  Can I tell you how much I love having other moms share what they’ve found and what they’re doing?  Very grateful.

5.  So, like I said before, trying to keep the tele at a minimum, so I need more for the kids to do.  I’m investing in some more games, like another chess set, because these stupid things always end up all over the house and lost.  My other project is to figure out how to best store these so that they don’t all get dumped.  Any favorite games out there?  I’d love some suggestions!

6.  Tropical storm Andrea is making her way through the area this weekend, which means it will be gray and rainy here.  I’m sure the kids will beg to go to the pool anyway. 🙂

7.  Katie’s AHG end of year ceremony is coming up quick, so I’ve got to get busy and sew some patches on her uniform.  I never found her original that I lost last summer, so now we have to figure out and order all the missing badges.  Once that whole project is complete, I’m sure it will turn up.


Have a great weekend everyone!


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Hey! I'm a stay at home, Catholic mom of 7, former homeschooler, now public schooler. Welcome to our crazy. Please excuse the noise.
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4 Responses to 7 Quick Takes– Rainy Friday Morning that I really Would Rather Spend in Bed Edition

  1. dreamfarming says:

    I don’t know if you have solved your number 4 problem yet as I am reading your blog from the beginning. (strange I know but I can’t just skip to the end that’s cheating) So anyway Try empty baby wipe boxes for the pieces. You can paint them or label them. Then stack them somewhere. The game boards are mostly flat so they can be stacked as well. Or you could put the boards upright in one of the office paper sorter things. I saw this on pinterest.

    • A friend of mine has one of those sorters you’d find in a garage for all those washers, nails, screws, etc., with the pull out drawers. She puts all of the pieces in there, then stacks the boards next to it. I like the idea about the baby wipes boxes, but we get our in bulk from Amazon, and so I’ve got tons of bags instead. Didn’t one of the wipes makers make the boxes into huge duplos once?

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