And Now its July

Well, hey there.

I was considering boring you with all the boring details of all the boring things I’ve been doing to keep me so preoccupied as to not write on my blog, but if nothing else, its due to a major lack of self discipline, since I find time to do so many other worthy pursuits like sleep, eat, go on FB and, um….. eat.  But not sleep.  I haven’t gotten much of that lately (different reason every night, I swear….) and its coming out in my shining personality.


So.  What I’ve been up to.  There are regular days, like yesterday, when I let Ben do some fingerpainting.  In the midst of the fun I made the tragic mistake of going to the bathroom, which led to a snowball of events that included  a three year old, a countertop and a floor covered in smooshed paint, a one year old trying desperately to jump into the murky waters that was the three year old’s subsequent “bath”, a naked three year old taking off down the stairs ahead of me with the one year old in hot pursuit, followed by the 10 year old’s calm acclimation, “MA-OOOMM! Ben broke a gla-aassss” at which point I kicked it into high gear and retrieved the bay-bay from sitting IN the shards of glass (I’m telling you people, split seconds here!) and I stood with her for about half an hour at the countertop scouring her little legs with a flash light looking for shards of glass, whilst yelling to the naked three year old and anyone else who kept coming into the kitchen area for chips and salsa to go AROUND the other way so as to avoid the glass.

Then the Hubs came home with Mike’s Hard Lemonade (Blood Orange, how apropos) and I met him at the door, urging him to run while he had a chance.  They hadn’t seen him yet.  We figured if I could get them down to bed and then take off, I might make it to Kentucky and meet up with the Hubs before anyone woke up….


I’ve also been having enlightening conversations with my three year old that go something like this:

Ben:  I want to go see the shveesm

Me:  The what?

Ben:  The shveesm.

Me:  The shveesm?

Ben:  No, the shveesm.

Me:  The shveesm?

Ben:  NO!  The SHVEESM!!

Me:  Um, where is it?

Ben: Outside.

Me: Okay….

Ben:  In da caaaarrrrr….

Me: o….kay……

Ben: you know, the svheesm! (with animated hands the whole time, like that’s going to help his cause)

Me:  The svheesm?

Ben: YEAH!!!!

I left that conversation more confused than when I started it.


About Anne McD @ourlittlenthouse

Hey! I'm a stay at home, Catholic mom of 7, former homeschooler, now public schooler. Welcome to our crazy. Please excuse the noise.
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