A Few Favorite Blogs

My apologies for what I’m about to do.  This is basically the blog version of a flashback episode on any sitcom you’ve ever watched, going back to “The Brady Bunch.”  Mucho annoying, but I’m about to (hopefully) introduce you to some stellar blogs that I love to waste time at.

(N.B.– I didn’t add any blogs from people I know IRL because a- I didn’t want to forget someone and have them think I was worse than chewing gum on their shoe, b- I don’t know if they wanted to keep theirs on the down low on Ye Ol Internet and not publicize it much.  I totally love my friends’ blogs and read them all the time!!!)

Grace at Camp Patton:  Grace has three adorable kids, a husband with a crazy work rotation, and a rather sarcastic sense of humor.  Win, win, win.

Sarah at Amongst Lovely Things:  I think her blog title explains her blog well– its…. lovely.  She always has great info to peak my writer’s mind, and oh my goodness, she’s just given birth to TWO beautiful little boys just within the past week!

Jen at Conversion Diary:  Do drop her an email or comment to complain about how I’ve been shoveling drivel to your inbox for the past four days straight because this Seven Posts in Seven Days challenge is all. her. idea.   She’s also super smart and funny, which always makes for good reading.

Erin at Sunny Side Up:  Three kiddoes, building a GORGEOUS house, and hasn’t met a nook in her house that she hasn’t been happy to organize.  Fun fun fun.

Dwija at House Unseen: Much like the above bloggers– smart, funny, interesting, remodeling a house that she and her husband bought sight unseen off the internet (crazy!!).  At the other end of the spectrum than Sarah, however, Dwija just lost a baby at 23 weeks that she carried with practically no amniotic fluid which was pretty much miraculous.  It is very sad, but the dignity that she gave to her little son, when doctors pretty much told her to abort early on is absolutely beautiful.

Lindsay at My Child, I Love You:  Reading this blog reminds me to stop and enjoy my kids in such a profound way.  This is a woman who delights in her children.  I know we all do, but sometimes it helps to have someone notice reeeealy simple things her kids do that she treasures to help me find those tiny details that make my children so special.

Sarah at Clover Lane:  There are many, many days when I think I’d like to live in this house.  Or maybe, just sit for coffee and watch what’s going on.  Sarah is very old fashioned and practical in her approach to life, which is endearing and refreshing.  She is all about slowing down, living simply, and loving her family.  Side note, every time I read her blog, I go throw away 35 things. Just kidding. But looking at all the blank space in the pictures of her house makes me want to!

So, that’s about it! Do you have any favorite blogs you’d like to share? And would you like for me to share your blog? I would love to do that!! Can I just say that my readership has quadrupled since I started this 7 day project?! Now, just remember, I could only be up to 12 readers now, so….. its totally up to you 😉


About Anne McD @ourlittlenthouse

Hey! I'm a stay at home, Catholic mom of 7, former homeschooler, now public schooler. Welcome to our crazy. Please excuse the noise.
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One Response to A Few Favorite Blogs

  1. Wow, how cool to see my name on the list! Thank you!

    And yeah. I’m still recovering from 7×7. Thanks for joining me in the toil. 🙂

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