sunday Evening Daybook, Tablet edition

Writing this on the tablet tonight which has the nasty tendancy to drive me into fits of rage when the touchscreen keyboard doesn’t behave the way I expect it to. If you see this post riddled with misspellings, half sentances or just plain gibberish, its totally the fault of the tablet and not the margharits that The Hubs made this evening with a wee bit too much tequilla (hic)

I am hearing:: a certain three year old making negotiations to stay in Ike room to watch Duck Dynasty (boo-ya!) When he should asleep inhis own bed. Dagnabit, I just realized that he fell asleep om n the way home from Ft. Washington today’, soooooo…….he’ll be up until 11ish. Naps suck.

I am thinking:: that you’re probably thinking, “hey, Anne? Didn’t you say that you figure out an awesome plan to keep that three year old and newly minted six year old brother in bed at night?” and I’d say, “yes, yes. I did. But the power of slumber is stronger than the power of chocolate in this kid which only serves to prove that he is his farmer’s son. FATHER’S son. Stupid auto correct.

I am hoping:: to get a full night’s sleep tonight. I’m beginning to wonder what those things are. Last week was crazy sleeping week inthe firs place, but yesterday took the cake. First of all, I broke the cardinal rule of parentoing: never wake a sleeping baby!! Lilly woke up about 20 minutes after I fell asleep, and then,……and then…. went. Back. To. Sleep. I KNOW! But, being the paranoid mama that I am, I laid there for about an hour, praying she’d roll over and make some snort or something so that I’d know she was still breathing. De riding I needed sleep, I snick into her room and crept close to her crib to hear the melodic sound of her breathing. Score! Then I tried to sneak back out, but I stepped on somrpething crinkly thanks to the fact that a stuff bomb exploded repeatedly in that room thanks to her big sister. I hightailed it out as fast as I could, but once I hit the hallway I heard, “mommy?” And game over. I brought her downstairs where she refused to fall asleep, but once she did I got out my laptop to hangout because I wastterrified to try to bring her back upstair

Then, I heard something. A scuffle. Then nothing. Then a scratch. Someone, or something was in the house. Then, a face appeared around the corner of the pantry. “Will”. I said as loudly as I could without wakiing Lilly again. After convincing him that yes he needed to go back to sleep and yes, he needed some allergy medicine because he wasn’t able to breathe through his nose, then we were cooking with fire. Only problem is, staying up way too late tends to lead to destructive behavior like watching the kardashians, binge eating on Hershey’s Kisses and signing up for a twitter account. Hopefully, tonight will include more sleeping and less screen time.

I am watching: Brother vs brother on HGTV. Not good. Makes me want to tear the house apart. The Hubs wouldn’t like that.

I am going : to start school tomorrow! Just math, though. “If mommy has one cup of coffee at 7am after 4 hours of sleep, and follows it up with a second cup at 7:15, how ling will it take for her to freak out when she realizes that Ben and Lilly just finished her “foffy?”

A few Planck for this week: math, sleep, foffy, and other stuff on the Calender.

I hope you enjoyed this post brought to you by the wonders of a tablet. Lesson learned: go downstairs and get the laptop next time. G’nite!


About Anne McD @ourlittlenthouse

Hey! I'm a stay at home, Catholic mom of 7, former homeschooler, now public schooler. Welcome to our crazy. Please excuse the noise.
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