Phase One– Complete

(okay, this is “Thursday Anne” here. Lesson learned– DON’T LET PERFECT BE THE ENEMY OF THE GOOD!! There’s been so much info to go into this post, and Ima just going to hammer out the rest of the story here. Okay, back to Monday Anne::)

Whew! What a weekend! I’ve talked a big talk around here many, many times about getting rid of things, but this time, I really meant it.

Can I tell you how good this feels so far? Reeeealy good.

Phase one is done. Friday morning, while the Hubs was at the Dr. (he’s still improving, thank you for your prayers for him!) I tackled our bedroom, so that he’d have a clean and serene place to crash when he got home. Of course, I employed the “oldest child way of cleaning out a room”– dump everything you don’t want into the hallway.

In my defense, the VAST MAJORITY of the stuff in our bedroom that shouldn’t be there was laundry. And as my friend, Amy, said to me once, “Get the laundry out of your bedroom. Laundry isn’t sexy.”

Yes Ma’am!

On to the kids’ rooms.

I didn’t get any before pictures of the kids rooms, but let me tell you…..never mind. Words fail me. No, they don’t– I’ve got lots of words. I’ll save those for the last room. First up, the big boys. Alex actually took it upon himself while James was at Camp to clean the place out and organize it himself without my asking.

Alex gets to stay. He will not be voted out of the family this week.

It always amazes me when he does this, but really, he’s the kid who would reorganize the candy at the checkout line. His mathematical/engineering mind likes order. Now, if he’d just put the cream cheese back in the fridge when he’s done with it (*cough* I don’t know where he gets those tendencies *cough* his mother is so tidy *cough*).

The little boys’ room didn’t need too much attention, either, because I overhauled it just after Alex did his. It was so so so needed because someone thought it would be a great idea to take a large bucket of stuff that included, among other things, a million death-to-you-feet Legos that were allll over the floor. I honestly don’t know how Ben made his way out of that room in the middle of the night half asleep. It was a death trap. Again, *cough*, I don’t know how a child could exist like this.

No, my big challenge wasn’t the boys. It was the girls. Namely, The Girl.

I love Katie. I love all my children, but in this instance, I’m going to focus a little love on my girl. I totally get her.

This girl loves art. She loves to sew, and create little clothes for her stuffed animals. She spends hours on her bed reading book after book after book. She keeps rocks and stickers and bottle caps and barrettes, and and and… a lot. Of. Stuff.

Again, I have NO idea where she gets her hoarding tendencies. I mean, my brother, the firefighter, NEVER told me when I was younger that if the house caught on fire, the firefighters wouldn’t be able to find me amongst the sheer amount of crap in my room.

Nope. Not me.

Okay, okay, I’m not the best example in the clutter area. But this isn’t about me (yet). In all, I took out three large black garbage bags full of stuff to keep (but put away) and two kitchen trash bags of, well, trash.

After the bedrooms were finished, I tore at the hallway and aaaaaaaalllllllllll the laundry that had been piling up. The kids don’t know what to do when they want to look for clean clothes, because its all in their drawers.

I know.

But, “Thursday Anne” here. How’s it going?

Not too freaking bad.

In the past five days, the Hubs seems to have come back to the land of the living, the hallway has stayed clean (except two baskets of clean laundry that I need to attack), and a handful of things just kinda strewn around. Bottom line, each room would take less than five minute to put back into place.

And that makes me happy.

Now, I’m not looking at four bedrooms and a hallway that are so stress inducing to look at that I stepped on and over piles whilst muttering to myself in every increasing volume levels, “I can’t take this junk anymore, there’s too much stuff, I’M THROWING EVEYRTHING OUUUUUTTTT!!”

Now, I walk from one end of the hall to the other without tripping. This should not be a breakthrough in home keeping, and I’m a little embarrassed to be admitting to all of this.

One of my friends asked me if I had purposely coordinated this effort to coincide with last Sunday’s Mass readings.

Oh, my dear, you think so highly of me. I can’t pull something like that off. It’s all God and His awesome sense of humor.

So, I was sitting in Mass on Sunday, and Father is reading the Gospel, about the man who found himself with too much grain, and was so upset about all the grain he was tripping over that he didn’t know what to do with. Then, he went off and did what anyone else would do– he ripped down the barn and built a bigger one!

I think I laughed out loud at this point of the Mass. Big faux pas.

This was soooo for me. Okay, lets think about this one for a minute. How many times have I looked around at the crap that surrounds me and think, I need more storage.

Boxes, cabinets, shelving, DARN IT, I NEED A BIGGER BARN!!

I don’t need a bigger barn. I need to give away a lot of the extra stuff we don’t need and stop accumulating things at a breakneck speed. Considering how much we’ve loved the feel of the bedrooms this week, I think everyone is in agreement with me.

So. Hopefully this weekend will mean focused attention on the main floor. Maybe I’ll just do a whole bunch of before and afters at the end of this. I’m also trying to figure out how to do this so that blogging doesn’t become a humongous time-sucking …. time-sucker. Maybe if I upload pictures to Instagram first instead of Piccassa? Hmmm….

Happy decluttering, friends!


About Anne McD @ourlittlenthouse

Hey! I'm a stay at home, Catholic mom of 7, former homeschooler, now public schooler. Welcome to our crazy. Please excuse the noise.
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