7 Quick Takes

My sincerest apologies for only posting Quick Takes and Daybooks.  Its been a little tough getting back into the blogging groove, and while I’d like to post more often, I’m quite certain you don’t want to hear my whining about a certain 2 year old who is naked….ah-gain….so….

Here we are!

1.  Thanks to my well placed seating at a recent leader meeting where I was surrounded on three sides by people with colds, I have succomed to the crud.  Its not so horrible, in that we’re not talking chest cold/smoker lung cold, but, in my humble opinion, the much worse, “nose constantly dripping and the more you blow it the more dried out that skin area below your nose gets so you have to keep loading up on Neosporin so that it will heal but it only makes it feel wet and like you need to wipe it again” cold.  Dontcha hate those?  I do.

Know who probably hates them more?  The Hubs.  I felt genuinely bad for the guy at dinner tonight, as I sat downstream from him, in his plainview, wiping my nose and sniffing.  Poor guy.  If he had known thirteen years ago that this was the kind of red, dripping nosed- sex kitten he was slated to marry, he might have run screaming.  And I wouldn’t have blamed him one bit.  Too late now, sucker!  (I’m such a good wifey.)

2.  I love 4 year old boys.  Okay, I love ’em all, but there’s something about the four year old that just gets you.  Fistfuls of smushed flowers (just the buds, smushed in his hand), the way he still can’t say some (most) words, (“I love tater toots!!”) so you spend considerable amounts of time deciphering what the heck he’s trying to say (“Mommy!  yook at my yaning!”  {look at my landing}).  Today he was playing with the snap circuts and brought them to show me his work.

“Mommy, yook!  Now I can blow up your heads!”

Thanks, Kiddo.  I love you too.

So I took a picture of him, holding his contraption that’s gonna esplode me.


Then I asked him to smile.


And …. I asked him to smile bigger…..


Then I asked for a reeeeeeaaaally big smile…..


I think this was when I asked for a gargantuan big smile….


And this was the biggest smile I could get out of him, complete with a big sister photo bomb.


Kills me.  Love e’m.

3.  I have realized that I need to set up a tight as a drum schedule for myself and the kids.  As much as everyone wants to start shouting, “no!  Wide margins! Pegs!  Flexibility! Enjoy this season!”  I feel I must scream back “Nothing is getting done! We need structure! I need easy consequences! The laundry needs to be folded!”  School went on for so long today that The Hubs “came home from work” and asked what the plan was for dinner, and the best I could come up with was a blank stare.

We had omelets.  Breakfast for dinner saves the day, again.

4.  All a two year old child needs to keep herself occupied and entertained is an empty laundry basket and a basket of crayons to repeatedly dump out, amiright?  Amen.

5. Want a good cry?  Here ya go.  Enjoy.  🙂  http://www.buzzfeed.com/ellievhall/48-soldiers-meeting-their-children-for-the-first-time

6.  So, its that time of year, and we’re beginning to think of what we might like for Christmas.  I’ve gotten a suggested list from the Hubs of what I can surprise him with (Surprise!  You didn’t get anything you wanted!  Just kidding…)  Me?  I can’t think of anything I want.  He’s actually given me a couple of things I really wanted the past couple of gift giving sessions, but I don’t have the time to do any of them!  Maybe I should ask for more time in the day?  What I really want is a new couch.  Too practical?  Maybe he can get me a personality for Christmas…..

7.  I picked up chocolate Advent calendars at the grocery store yesterday, so I officially consider myself “ahead of the game.”  Speaking from past experience, the kids will either find and eat them, or I’ll lose them, or…. I’ll have a crazy need for chocolate and start binge eating them, figuring I have a few days to go out and replace them before the big event, only to find out that the stores are all sold out.  I’m sure I’d NEVER do anything like that.  Ever…..

Joined at Jen’s.  That’s where al the cool kids are.


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Hey! I'm a stay at home, Catholic mom of 7, former homeschooler, now public schooler. Welcome to our crazy. Please excuse the noise.
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One Response to 7 Quick Takes

  1. Clicked over from conversion diary.

    You’re totally ahead of me. I have like nothing ready for advent yet, and my preschooler wants to do our activity advent calendar again, so I need ingredient to bake with and craft supplies to craft with and all sorts of things! Eek!

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