Happy New Year!!!

Hey Folks!


Just stopping in real quick to wish you all a Happy New Year!  I hope your day went well, and as my grandmother (apparently) used to say, be careful what you do on New Year’s Day, because you’ll be doing it all year…

Okay, Grandma may have been a little superstitious, but if it rings true, this year might not be so horrible.

Recap from today:

After waking up late wearing the clothes I was wearing yesterday (sounds like I had an awesome time last night parting into the wee hours of 2014, but in reality, I put a sleeping Lilly in her crib at 10:30 and COLLAPSED on my bed.  Just too dang tired to get changed!), The Hubs made gluten free doughnuts (mmmmm….. doughnuts) and we all just hung out. 

Then, we had the great “Where are We Going to Go to Mass?” conversation.  Originally, I wanted to go into DC to go to the Basilica, but in reality, it would take us over an hour to get there, and once Mass was finished it would be lunchtime, and we’d have to feed the kids, and that can be so darn difficult, so….

We went to a different nearby parish.  It was soley based on Mass times.  We were in no hurry today.  The funniest thing about it, though, was that we recognized probably half of the congregation from our parish!  Looks like we weren’t the only ones looking for a late Mass!


After lunch (such an issue– I need to figure out how to make lunch easy and automatic….) I started reading a great book on my Droid:  GTD For Homemakers And I’m totally suckered into reclaiming my life.  Again.  And getting organized.  Again.


But, the most fun I’ve had today was picking up the old knitting needles again!  I started on a scarf, because I don’t trust myself outside k1p2, repeat.  I sat there staring at a pattern, saying, “YO?  Um, Yo to you, too?  Crap, I know I’ve seen this before, what the heck does YO mean???”  Sure enough, about an hour later, as I was working on my easy peasy scarf, I called out, “Yarn Over!  It means Yarn Over!”  Pleased as punch, I went back to my project, but of course, I don’t have the vaugest idea HOW to, um, YO.

And here I am!  Little better mood than yesterday. 🙂  I do need to run, one of the natives is restless, and I need to sit with him.  Don’t judge.  I’m at the “Do what needs to be done to preserve sanity for all involved” season of my parenting.  I’ll let you know how that’s going in a few years.


Oh, and I”ll post pictures, but I, um, need to find the recharger first.  Then I can be an awesome blogger.  Just you wait. 😉


About Anne McD @ourlittlenthouse

Hey! I'm a stay at home, Catholic mom of 7, former homeschooler, now public schooler. Welcome to our crazy. Please excuse the noise.
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