7 Quick Takes on Posting, More on Stitches and Homeschooling Options

Joining Jen, and you should too!

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes about cool book moments, bestseller bling, overcommitting myself (again), and doing a 5K in a palanquin

1. First off:  ARE YOU GOING TO EDEL??!!  Yeah, me neither.  But it sounds like a totally awesome time, and I’m thrilled for all the guinea pigs lovely ladies who will be going.  It wasn’t in the cards, and besides, I’ll be a few time zones away, with a wee newborn, unable to match a pair of shoes in the morning, let alone try to come up with a crazy concoction that doesn’t make fellow competitors in the crazy shoe contest look at me with a mock smile of sympathy and say over their cocktails, “Poor thing– I don’t think she even tried– I think those are her real shoes!”

2.  I am, however, totally psyched to take part in Jen’s 7 Posts in 7 Days again!  I was so glad that I took part in it last summer, as it forced me to keep writing each day.  Hey, if it weren’t for that particular challenge, I wouldn’t have had such doozies as my thoughts on my housekeeping and how it relates to St. Joseph and how the Nativity could have been a bit more comfortable for all if he had used a Smart Phone to book a room before they got to Bethlehem, or my serious take on a very serious topic: My Nissan NV, and how it really is a sexy ride.  I’ve got a couple of ideas of things to write on, but do leave any ideas for me in the comments if you have any (pleasepleaseplease!).  Lets just say this:  I’ve got a post in my head having to do with a VERY popular 80’s country music star, and …. well…. it could go either way.  I might need some help being pulled from this ditch before I even fall into it.

3.  Moving on (lest I completely look like a Jen Fulwiler stalker….) we’ve got a bit of a big medical day for Lilly tomorrow.  Nothing big, no worries.  Just a second opinion for some dental work and (hopefully) she’ll get her stitches out in the afternoon.  We were originally told to go in on Wednesday, but the NP took a look and determined that she wasn’t healed up enough yet.  So glad I dragged everyone out with me to do this.  She was, however, sweet enough to make sure that we weren’t charged a copay, and I’d really rather wait until it is healed so that we don’t mar that little chinny chin chin of hers.  Because her mamma is vain.

4.  Speaking of Lilly, I have to admit, my beautiful little girl is such a blonde.  She’s been using the potty on her own (yay!!!) and is a bit of a pro.  But the blonde part?  She’ll take the stool into the bathroom, turn on the light, close the door, do her thing, flush, close the toilet, turn off the light– then start crying because its dark.  She’s done this a couple of times now, and I must be a horrible mother, but its so.  darn.  funny.

5.  Since its been seven days since our trip to the ER for Lilly’s stitches, I’m hoping against hope that we have dodged any flus that we could have caught there.  I am, however, thanks to a lovely incident of pregnancy insomnia, slightly succumbing to a head cold that has been slowly making its way through the family.  I say slightly, because I am doing my level best to fight this, with the help of some homeopathic preventative stuff and a heavy dose of denial.  I’ll let you know how that works.

6.  I’m thinking about switching up homeschooling plans a bit and using Mother of Divine Grace next year.  I need to stop reinventing the wheel, and while I had a slight panic attack while awake because I was denying being congested, I realized I need to get with the program.  A program.  ANY program.  I preliminary email to my homeschool group has shown that many people are happy with it, and I’m already leaning towards it.  Do any of you use it, too?  Have any thoughts for me?

7.  Yeah, so, um, …. that seventh, pesky take. I know– head over to Jen’s to see some other great Quick Takes!

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Hey! I'm a stay at home, Catholic mom of 7, former homeschooler, now public schooler. Welcome to our crazy. Please excuse the noise.
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2 Responses to 7 Quick Takes on Posting, More on Stitches and Homeschooling Options

  1. We use MODG. I just switched to it this year. I am happy with it. I think it is fairly unrigorous in the early years and gets more rigorous once you get to middle school (which I love). I’m also really just loving having the syllabus and everything laid out and it’s fairly easy to follow. I do switch out their science and math however, and use something else. And, I add in a writing component, because my kids love to write, so I give htem a bit more writing

    • Oh, I’m so glad to hear that you like it! So far, I’ve only heard positive things about it, which is very encouraging. I used St. Thomas Aquinas a few years ago, and for the most part I liked it, but I think it left a little bit too much up to me. I’m hoping with MODG, that after we do the assessments and speak with someone to help tweak it, that then I’ll have an “official” day to day syllabus in front of me to hand to my kids (especially the older ones!) and be able to say, this is what needs to be done. Period.

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