Home Organization: Your Turn

Ha!  I wrote two posts yesterday, so I’m TOTALLY phoning it in today!

For the past day, my FB has been all atwitter (can I say that?  Am I mixing metaphors?) over this blog:


I came across their blog awhile ago, but it was brought to my attention through this article:


11 people, living in an 1,100 square foot house, and they’re all still smiling.


This morning, I sat my children down (for the gazillionth time) and pointed out to them that we have 2/3rds the size family and three times the amount of house.

And no one is smiling.

I’m admitting on the World Wide Webster that my scheduling/organizing/efficiency skills are ….. Lacking.

Remember the pictures of my well ordered bedroom?  Its, um, a bit messy right now.  First off, I let laundry creep back in, because there’s no where else to fold.  On top of this, however, the kids felt that a sparse and well appointed room was a wonderful place to hang out, and before I knew what happened, they started squatting.

So, back to the happy, well organized family in the tiny house.

I want that.  I want it baaaaaaad.

Here’s my question for you:  have you done it?  I especially would love to hear from anyone who wasn’t born organized, but managed to pull herself up by her bootstraps and get the job done.  How did you overcome inertia?  Your inner five year old?  Where did you find the time/energy/drive to throw out every mother-loving thing you picked up in the house that you didn’t believe to be useful or beautiful?

I’ve read “Managers of their Homes” and “A Mother’s Rule of Life”, but neither did it for me.  I got a LOT of great info from both, but I need a shove.

So- what’s working for you??


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Hey! I'm a stay at home, Catholic mom of 7, former homeschooler, now public schooler. Welcome to our crazy. Please excuse the noise.
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7 Responses to Home Organization: Your Turn

  1. Devin says:

    HA-hahahahahaha! Um… no. My house is a disaster. But I would like to comment on how there is nowhere else to fold. YES. Why is my laundry room so tiny? Where am I supposed to fold the clothes?! I managed to cram a small folding table into my tiny laundry room, but then I have nowhere to stand. I always end up folding on my bed, which means that at least 50% of the time, I stagger up to bed, too tired to fold the laundry I forgot I put there, and end up sleeping with laundry. Is it wrong that I thought about absorbing one of my kids’ rooms into the laundry room and just bunking them together?

    • Okay, Devin? I’m not buying it. I saw that well-weeded petunia patch outside your house last year! You’ve always struck me as one who has a pristine home! But lets get back to the laundry- I hate those laundry rooms! I have enough space to stand in front of each machine, but NO place to fold (unless ontop of the dryer, but that’s covered in lint and things I found in the kids’ pockets. I actually did convert a bedroom to a walk in closet for all the kids a few years ago, but I didn’t keep up with it, and decided it was better to just have the fourth bedroom. I’ve decided– big houses just weren’t built for big families.

  2. Beth Griese says:

    I was not born organized and my oldest child really helped but we have managed it. All kid projects that are worth saving go into that child’s bin. We have outfitted closets with organizational tools. i.e. bins for each child to put hats, gloves, and other items. We bought under bed storage for clothes for each child. Spending the money on organizational items really helps. Also we learned to just pitch. Throw away anything broken, ruined, stained, or never going to be used again. If you organize play room and the kids room and give them a system easy to use than you can make it a chore to return that space to the way you left it. Every other day my kids completely clean play room. We try to have them clean their rooms before bed but they go to school and some nights are late studying. Good luck. Bedroom came out great

  3. I am defisnitely not naturally organized, and I have a long, long way to go, but I’ve also gotten a ton, ton better over the years. Most what helps, is I take care of stuff right away.

    So, as soon as laundry is taken out of the dryer, it is put away. I rarely actually fold stuff…..anything we don’t want to wrinkle gets hung in the closet, otherwise, it gets shoved in a drawer.

    Mail is dealt with as soon as we get it.

    I bought one of the storage drawer things for our school books and we organize them all by subject.

    And, I’m ruthless with decluttering and getting rid of stuff.

    I think it might be the Flylady way, but she talks about building little things into your routine so you get those little chores done as part of your day and they aren’t so overwhleming. Like, every morning you quickly swich the toilet. Only takes a minute, but just that one minute saves a big cleaning job later. Or deal with mail as soon as it comes. Deal with laundry as soon as it’s dry. Wash dishes as soon as they are dirtied.

    The biggest thing for me is to train myself to put something away as soon as I’m done using it. And training the kids with that is even harder. But, we are very, very, very slowly improving and it makes a HUGE difference.

  4. I second Amelia. Flylady is a great place to start. She especially helped me with giving myself permission to get rid of things that were sentimental, etc.

  5. I was super impressed with that bloggers’ organization with a small space, but… I need someone who is attainable and that is just not it. Although I loved that she had a “real” house. We have only two bedrooms (although we have one in the basement for when the kids get older). We don’t have a garage. We don’t have a lot of toys, but we have tons of sports supplies and farm/gardening stuff that doesn’t belong in a shed. My other issue is that… don’t laugh. Her backyard was too neat. There is no sign of children who play HARD…. with four or five cousins added to the mix. Seriously — I have to do at least two outfits a day per kids because the MUD factor is so huge. I’m thinking with two teenage girls at the top and then her boys looked little, our dynamics are just different. She also doesn’t look flighty. I need inspiration from a flighty person, who has crazy active kids, and can still check off the core stuff and not trip when she walks in the door. Not that she wasn’t inspiring, but not real “I can do this” inspiring. Still looking. 🙂

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