Answer me this! I’m a linkin’ up!

Happy Easter, one and all!!  He is Risen (He is Risen, indeed!!)

Oh, you would think I had given up my blog this Lent based on how sporadically I posted on it, but no. I just kinda didn’t get to it.  Someday I’ll treat you to a rundown of how Lent went around here (if you’re so interested).   As for today, I’m getting back into the swing of things by joining Kendra at Catholic All Year.  She is hosting this linkup each Sunday, and since I’m a sucker for all things nosey– I’m joining in!


So, without further ado…..

1.  What did you and your family wear to Mass on Easter Sunday?

Clothes.  Next question?

Okay, okay, just kidding…. I grew up with this philosophy (according to my mom): You wear on Palm Sunday what you wore on Easter Sunday the year before.  Sounds good, except, I was the youngest of seven (five brothers and one sister), so by the time I got wind of this, I wasn’t growing out of last year’s clothes in a mad panic like my kids do right now.  Besides, I don’t have the vaugest idea what I wore for Easter last year.

Sorry, I got a little carried away there.  Where was I?…. that’s right… clothes.  The girls generally wear pretty dresses, not matching, but pretty, and the boys wear khacki pants and coordinating polos.  Again, not matching (we used to, but my older boys are getting older, and I just can’t do that to them.)

I’ll tell you what we don’t wear:  white shoes.  You know why?  It isn’t Memorial Day yet.  If you want to hear my rant on white shoes some day, do let me know.

2. Easter Bunny: thumbs up or thumbs down?
Ah, the Bunny.  So, here’s the thing on the Bun: I let them believe that there just might be a large bunny delivering awesome candy to kids all over the place.  But, I don’t “tell” them about the Easter Bunny and get them all psyched up for it.  At the same time, when they wake up on Easter Sunday morning, I play totally dumb and wonder how in the world these baskets and all this awesome candy got here!  Technically, I don’t lie to them, but I also don’t tell them the whole truth.  I don’t think the big guys really buy it anymore, and I think once the gig is up on EB, Santa won’t be too far behind. At that point, I’m  just going to bridge them from the fun of believing to the fun of being Santa.

Funny thing: this year, the kids got holy cards with third class relics of soon to be Sts. Pope John XXIII and John Paul II.  Katie and I were discussing them, and she said, “so, I guess the Easter Bunny is Catholic, then!?”  Um, yep!

3. Do you prefer to celebrate holidays at your own house or at someone else’s house?
Hmmmm…. this is a toughie.  Again, growing up as the youngest, our holidays were more “adult” oriented, but now that I have kids, they need to be more kid oriented. I’m used to a lot of people in my immediate family showing up with food and everyone sitting around talking.  That’s …. about it.  I want to do more on my end, but my horrid time management skills means that I have a tendency to not get things done ahead of time.  In recent years, we’ve done a lot with The Hubs’ parents, but I like having celebrations at our house and doing our own things.

4. What is your favorite kind of candy

All of it.  Especially the chocolate.

Okay, I’m going throw out another rant, though.  I love Easter candy, and I love making sure that its about Jesus’ Resurrection from the dead, not the 6ft tall bunny.  That being said: I won’t do chocolate Crosses for the kids.  They get bunnies.  I can’t do it. It just seems so…. irreverent to me?  Its like the cross shaped lollipops and the junky bouncy balls or stickers that you get that say, “Jesus loves you!” that make me pause when I want to throw them out, because its clutter, but its got the Holy Name of Jesus on it.  The idea of their chewing on a cross, when they could be laughing about how they’re eating a rabbit’s ears, then his nose, then his head…..I don’t know.  How about you?

5. Do you like video games?

Well, that’s a loaded question!

In truth, they kinda drive me insane.  No, they totally drive me insane.  I don ‘t like playing them, because it messes up my eyes, but when I do play something like Mario carts with the kids, its a big bonding thing for them.  The Hubs likes video games, so he’s more of one to play them with them.
I currently have a love/hate relationship with Minecraft that I’m trying to figure out.  The kids love it and beg for it on a near constant basis.  In truth, I’ve used it as leverage, and leverage is awesome.  But… how much time they get, getting them not to watch over each other’s shoulders, not go over the allotted time, etc….. nuts.

I’d much rather see them reading, making something, outside playing, but of all the games out there, I think Minecraft is a good one.

Any thoughts on how I can police this with four kids who play?

6. Do you speak another language?

After six years of French, you’d think I’d parlez vous le francais more than being able to say something like, “tu es un tete de frommage,” or “je ne parle pas le francais bien.”  Really, I need to go to Paris.  The Hubs can come. 🙂  Kids too.  🙂

So, happy Easter, from our “did we really have to wait an hour to get this picture?” family to yours! 🙂


(Okay, Post Script:  Here’s the thing:  The Hubs looks bad here.  But you know what?  This is probably the fifth picture in his ENTIRE LIFE that hasn’t been ridiculously good of him, so…. I’m throwing him under the bus and posting this one.  Sorry, Hon!)


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Hey! I'm a stay at home, Catholic mom of 7, former homeschooler, now public schooler. Welcome to our crazy. Please excuse the noise.
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8 Responses to Answer me this! I’m a linkin’ up!

  1. On our computer we have parental controls with time limits. Each child has their own account and they have to use the computer/play on their own account. Each account has a daily time limit and after their time is up, they are locked out for the rest of the day. My oldest two have two separate accounts….one for school and one for games, so that way if they are using the computer for school, they aren’t using up their game time.

    We also only have one laptop for the kids, so they all have to share that as well.

  2. I prefer chocolate bunnies too. But if Jesus wants us to eat his actual self, I can’t imagine he’d be perturbed by us eating a chocolate cross.

  3. Granted 🙂 I don’t think He’d be mad, it just kinda creeps me out? Just like throwing out things that aren’t blessed, but they’re religious. I think my cradle Catholic is showing. 😉

  4. Rosie says:

    You guys are too cute! I’m the worst about posting bad pictures of my husband… This year I tried to make a conscious effort to pick a picture where he looked decent too, but it ALWAYS happens that one of us looks dumb no matter what… I think it ended up decent this year (aside from the kids), but I might just need to do a photo collage next time 😛

  5. It’s so hard to get a picture where everyone looks good when you roll with a big ‘ol family. My theory is someone has to get thrown under the bus…except for momma.

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