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7QT on Bellies, Crazy Pregnancy Related Pain, and Why You Should Never Watch Home Improvement Shows With Me

Joining Jen; do check out more Quick Takes! 1. Obligatory Belly Shot: Now, this isn’t anywhere near as impressive as what Dweeja is showing off over at House Unseen, but at 33 weeks and only +11 pounds this pregnancy (yep, … Continue reading

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Oh, this motherhood gig

Lemme tell you, its tough. Really, really tough. Want to hear about my Mother’s Day?  Of course you do.  Nothing waxes poetic like my life looking nothing like a Hallmark card. It started with us being down by two kids, … Continue reading

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7QT On How No One Died, No One Got Born, and No One Went To Jail, and How All Of This Surprises Me

Wahoo!!  It looks like I may have actually secured the coveted One Hundred Fifty-seventh position in the link up at  Jen’s Quick Takes over at Conversion Diary!!  Do stop by there are read much more interesting Quick Takes (most notably, … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Catchup

Hey there! As I read once, from Lindsay from My Child, I love You, to say that “I’ve been busy” is kind of a lame excuse as to why I haven’t been blogging.  Everyone is busy.  In my case, I … Continue reading

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