Sunday Morning Catchup

Hey there!

As I read once, from Lindsay from My Child, I love You, to say that “I’ve been busy” is kind of a lame excuse as to why I haven’t been blogging.  Everyone is busy.  In my case, I think I’ve just been busy with the boring and the mundane, and figure its not that interesting to read about.  Really, I’ve spared you.  You’re welcome. 😉

This week has been anything but mundane, however.  Thankfully, as crazy as it has been, its been fine in the end, but man, its been crazy.  A week ago, on Sunday, I dropped the Hubs off at the airport for a business trip, and five hours later, I dropped my kids off at a friend’s house and drove myself to the ER.  I had this crazy pain in my leg that started up all of a sudden, and just got worse and worse.  Finally, the words, “blood clot” came to mind, and after I had a small panic attack, my awesome friends mobilized, and one watched fourteen kids (hers and mine) and the other came with me to the ER with her adorable almost 1 year old daughter who kept looking at me like, “you do realize you just ruined my night, don’t you?”  As crazy as it was, we actually had a really fun time in the ER (this is becoming a bad habit of girl’s night out for the two of us, but you take what you can get sometimes), and I think we made the sonographer’s evening.  While yes, I was right about it being a clot, its not DVT, just one of those “you don’t really need these veins, so its okay if they clot up and make you feel like you were just shot in the knee” kinda clots.  Its much better now.

Lets see, the next three days were a torrential downpour (and I can’t complain, really, since these were the storms that brought those awful tornadoes to Arkansas and Mississippi).  They were super loud in the middle of the night, and I’m a bit of a wussy widdle fwaidy cat when it comes to crashing thunder directly over my house.  I’d never make it in the midwest.

Then.  Thursday afternoon, I ran into the house to use the bathroom while the kids were playing outside and found I was bleeding.  Disconcerting, no?  I’ve never had this happen before, and needless to say, I freaked.  Again, the Hubs was still out of town.  Once again, friends mobilized (different ones took the kids, so they went from two kids to eight in a matter of an hour), and once again, Amy stepped up and took me to the hospital where I deliver to sit with me while they looked me up, down and inside out.  In the end, they couldn’t figure out why it happened, and the baby and I look good.  I did get to see a quick grainy picture of the little one’s face, which was so so so cool (cute little button nose and everything! 🙂 )

The funniest part of the evening (okay, there were several) was that it felt like I was on the Bob Newhart Show.  My friend, Amy, took me, in, and all these nurses kept coming in and introducing themselves, and wouldn’t you know it, they were all named “Amy.”

“Hi, my name’s Anne.  This is my friend Amy, this is my nurse, Amy, this is my other nurse, Amy….”

So, where does that leave me?  Stay off my feet and take it easy.  I love how the more kids you have, the more often you hear those words.

I have been, but at the same time, as “helpful” the kids are, the place is falling apart.  I need to do a better job of training them in cleaning jobs, and making sure they’re doing them well.  Then again, I’m supposed to be staying on my perch on the couch (I am, I am…) so its tough to follow up on the work, especially when you ask a certain four year old to pick up the floor of the powder room (and it just. doesn’t. happen.) and he swears its clean.

But.  Today is Sunday, and tomorrow my mom comes in to help me out an be another reckoning force for the kids, and we’re all greatly looking forward to that.  And something tells me that if I post a bit more often, you might get more interesting posts from me.  Busy or not. 🙂



About Anne McD @ourlittlenthouse

Hey! I'm a stay at home, Catholic mom of 7, former homeschooler, now public schooler. Welcome to our crazy. Please excuse the noise.
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2 Responses to Sunday Morning Catchup

  1. Torey says:

    Yay for blogging! I didn’t realize you went to the hospital twice in one week. Crazytown! Hope you are feeling better and so glad your mom is coming to help you. 🙂

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