7QT on Bellies, Crazy Pregnancy Related Pain, and Why You Should Never Watch Home Improvement Shows With Me

Joining Jen; do check out more Quick Takes!


Obligatory Belly Shot:


Now, this isn’t anywhere near as impressive as what Dweeja is showing off over at House Unseen, but at 33 weeks and only +11 pounds this pregnancy (yep, I said it– hate me), I’m still a little surprised at just how…. big…. this belly is getting.

As you can see, I’ve gotten into shopping at the ever fashionable “Mumus for Mamas” for all my gestating needs, because who wants to try to put a waistband anywhere near this thing?

Despite the fact that I feel rather rotund, I know that this is only going to get worse because 1. I’ve seen myself at full term and the word “full” is accurate, and 2. my belly button hasn’t completely flattened out yet.  One more piece of information that you didn’t know you didn’t want to know about me.


Going under the heading of “every pregnancy is different,” I thought I’d made it through this pregnancy without experiencing one of my absolute favorite things about pregnancy that no one bothers to mention until you actual experience it:  3rd trimester charlie horses.

I kid you not.

I can see some of you looking at me like, “really?” (I’m looking at you, Kathleen 😉 ) but let me tell you, this ugly step-sister of sciatic pain doesn’t get its due recognition when the women folk talk about “all the things” about pregnancy.

Imagine this: You’re 33 weeks pregnant.  (Yes, this happened this morning).  You wake up feeling extra groggy because you just couldn’t fall asleep last night, and it takes you a  whole half minute to figure out who is sleeping next to you.  Just then, you start to stretch out your legs as you try to roll ove..


Not really knowing what to do to alleviate the pain that feels like death itself reached into your calf with its sharp fingers and squeezed the life out of your poor little muscle, you lay there in a half up/half down position, bearing down on your leg with all the pressure you can force through your fist, breathing in through the nose, and out through the mouth so freaking loudly that you wake your husband and he’s not sure if you’re going through your daily round of ligament pain or if this is premature labor.

If. Only.

Here I am, the night later, and I can still feel the stiffness of it all.

Charlie horses, I hate you.


On to some funny things the kids are saying these days:

Me:  I feel like a beached whale.

James:  How do you know what a beached whale feels like?




Me: And what’s Daddy’s name?

Lilly: Um, I dunno….ahhhhh, purple?

Um, no.


Me: what’s this on my nightstand?

Ben:  Oh, that’s water.

Me: Okay.  Um, next time, let me know if you spill water.

Ben: What?

Me:  Next time, let us know if you spill water, okay?

Ben:  What?

Me:  Tell. Me. If. You. Spill. Water.

Ben:  You can’t smell water.  It doesn’t have a smell.



Okay, crazy pet peeve random rant time.  If I hear one more designer/home searcher/human being refer to a room as a “space” again, I might have to punch the nearest person to me.

I.E.: don’t come over and watch HGTV with me.

I’m guessing this got its start when it was uber trendy for everyone to move into lofts and decide what to do with that awesome industrial “space.”  But seriously, when you walk into a house and see an area with a fireplace just off the kitchen, its not a “space”, its a living room or family room or even a den.  And, you know that area upstairs that is decorated with a huge piece of furniture called a “bed” with a walk in closet next to it and an attached “en suite?” That would be a bedroom.  Not a space.  A bed. room.


This is almost as irritating to me as this one time when I was watching House Hunters, and in every stinking house, the realtor would take the prospective buyers out into the backyard and announce to them that this was their “lanai.”

Lady?  You’re in Minnesota.  Its only a lanai if you live in Hawaii. What you are standing on is a “patio.”

Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox now.


Just saw this.  Love:



So, back to this pregnancy thing, I’m getting a little antsy here because a) I’ve got less than two months to go b) I need to start finding baby gear from the basement like the cradle and clothes c) we have no names d) I haven’t packed a bag e) I’m starting to get the nesting urge and darn if I don’t want to redecorate the house, except I’m supposed to “take it easy”.

I don’t want to take it easy, I want to paint walls.

Don’t worry, don’t worry, I won’t, but man, this is one of those situations that bugs me so much it makes my teeth itch.

Any crazy nesting projects out there?  Tell me– what are some of the craziest things you’ve done when the “nesting urge” hit, and hit hard.  The best one I had was when I was up all night cleaning the kitchen before James was born, and good thing, too, because it needed it, and I took off to l’hopital for a few days the next morning.  Other than that, they’ve been pretty tame.


Okay, so I’m falling asleep sitting up so I should probably wrap this up.  I wonder if I should just cut my losses and call these things “six quick takes” or if it would be better to try to trick myself and say its “eight quick takes,” so when its one short, its actually enough.  The things that keep me up nights…

Happy weekending, everyone!

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Hey! I'm a stay at home, Catholic mom of 7, former homeschooler, now public schooler. Welcome to our crazy. Please excuse the noise.
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3 Responses to 7QT on Bellies, Crazy Pregnancy Related Pain, and Why You Should Never Watch Home Improvement Shows With Me

  1. Janet says:

    Couldn’t stop laughing at the “you can’t smell water”. And the face palm. Would have done the same thing. In fact, I do it every day. What is it with the boys that makes them hard of hearing?? LOL.

  2. Jenny7 says:

    Anne, our doctor recommends squeezing your upper lip during Charlie horses. It helps!

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