All the news that isn’t fit to print.

So, I didn’t forget or neglect to blog yesterday.  I did forget that Alex has an orthodontist appointment this morning, but they graciously rescheduled for afternoon, so all isn’t naught.

But, blogging, I didn’t forget.


(washing her feet in my bathroom sink this morning.  She didn’t forget that, either)

I usually blog at night when the kids are asleep, but I realized that really, that’s the only time I have with The Hubs do do really important marriage building things like sit next to each other on the bed and make fun of people on House Hunters until I pass out.   I really don’t want to miss out on that, so I thought maybe I should move my blogging to first thing in the morning.

We’ll see how that goes.

I had my OB appointment yesterday (how sad is this– I really don’t remember what week I am right now) and for the most part, all went well.  The doctor was kind enough say things like, “hmmm, can’t find the heartbeat” and when she finally did find it somewhere around my larnyx, came up with “maybe its breech”.  She did check me to see if she could find the wee one, and after pronouncing that yes, s/he is head down, she became very concerned that the baby is swimming so high.  Of course, in all my “I’ve done this six times before” hubris I mentioned that they all seem to ride high until my water breaks and then they’re born, and then she was saying more helpful things like “yeah, but we don’t want a prolapsed cord” which makes me all crazy in my pregnant hormonal state.  I haven’t even Googled it yet.  I don’t want to.

After chatting with a friend at Tae Kwon Do yesterday, I got some ideas for helping move le bebe southward, so I got myself out of bed early this morning and took a walk around the neighborhood.

Okay, more like a waddle around the neighborhood, but who cares?

Oh, and I’ve reached the “nothing fits or is comfortable to wear anyway” stage of pregnancy, so I prancersized my way around the ‘hood wearing a navy and white striped shirt and purple plaid pajama pants.

If your eyes are sore, I was a sight.

But– the weather was perfect and the air smelled of honeysuckles and I was oh so grateful that I wasn’t spending my third trimester in February.


(see?  Gorgeous weather)

By the time I got home, Lilly was awake and looking for me, and I found myself in a great place to go around and rouse the children from their slumbers (instead of being so tired that I didn’t care if they slept in to an obscene time), feed them breakfast and get them outside to play before it gets too hot, and in order to get their little brains moving so I can do some sort of schoolwork with them.

And believe it or not, they’re starting to break down from being outside, so I have to have them wrap it up so we can inside and start math and wish we were still out here.

Wow.  You poor readers, I’m boring myself.  Tomorrow will be better, I’m sure.   I hope.  I sure hope. 🙂

For a more interesting play by play baby watch, may I suggest checking in with Dweeja as she apparently live blogged her way through “Am I? Am I not?” labor pains last night.  Apparently, “I’m not” won out, so there’s more drama ahead to us to watch.  Poor kid- she’s past her due date and D.U.N. Done.


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Hey! I'm a stay at home, Catholic mom of 7, former homeschooler, now public schooler. Welcome to our crazy. Please excuse the noise.
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2 Responses to All the news that isn’t fit to print.

  1. Angela says:

    I waswas in my third trimester in February in a part of the country where winter seemed like it was never going to end, so sadly, there was no prancercizing for me. Whatwere your tunes? Some Spice Girls, perhaps? 😉

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