Name this Baby!!!! Please!!!!!

We’re the crazy folks who don’t find out the gender of our baby until the OB catches him/her.  That generally means we don’t know things like what color to baby outfits to put in the going home bag (gender neutral or one of each!) or wonder how we’re going to rearrange rooms later this summer based on who ends up rooming with whom.

We like living on the edge.

This also means that we have to pick out four different names that we like that can apply as first and middle names for the kid.  As it stands now, we’ve got a girl name picked out (I think?  I don’t like telling names much, because I always get someone who says, “oh, hmm, I don’t like it” and I’m too thin skinned to take it.) and ZERO for a boy.



Nada.  Na. Da.

(Bonus points if you can name that movie)

Due to the fact that we’ve used eight names so far that we really like, we’re running out of boy names.  Then you run in to the whole, “I *like* the name, but its not our son’s name” problem.  Or you know a little twerp with that name and you just can’t make that association, even if you probably won’t see that kid ever again.

See?  Its tough.

Keeping in mind that we like our names Catholic (narrowing the field) and “substantial” (narrowing further), and we’re trying not to repeat beginning initials (so, A, J, C/K, W, B and L are out) we’ve got maybe seven names to pick from, and we’re just not feeling them.

So, can anyone give us some ideas??  If not, The Hubs might just try to pull the Dad car and name him Ducati or something like that.

And we can’t let that happen.

About Anne McD @ourlittlenthouse

Hey! I'm a stay at home, Catholic mom of 7, former homeschooler, now public schooler. Welcome to our crazy. Please excuse the noise.
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19 Responses to Name this Baby!!!! Please!!!!!

  1. Geraldine Erikson says:

    Jonah a veggie tale movie.

    So Melchezidech is one Mortimer

    And don’t for get Chandelier is still a contender


  2. Well, w/o offering the obvious choices (which would be the names we’ve already used for our own kiddos!) my favorite Christian/Catholic but still unique names are Esther and Becket (for St. Thomas Becket) but that has a B, so maybe not. “Great” names are so subjective though, so it’s ok if you hate them 🙂 Blessings to you on this home stretch before you meet your new little one!

  3. Oooh, those are good ones- I like Ester! Thanks 🙂

  4. Kathryn Biel says:

    Um, you’re missing the big obvious here…Ronald

  5. Jennifer says:


    Dominic is our first, his middle name is Woodward, which is no a saint but means (loosely) woodworker, so we give him Joseph as his second saint

    I love Catholic Baby names!!!!

  6. Kathryn Biel says:

    How about Philip? I know a good Philip.

  7. Dana says:



    …wanted to name one of ours that, but the alliteration didn’t work for us.

  8. Amy Hunter says:

    Feast of St. Thomas the Apostle is July 3rd. Thomas Charles would have been Alice’s name if Alice hadn’t been an Alice (since we had hoped she’d be born on the 3rd, which is my Grandma Alice’s birthday . . . but if she’d been a boy, then she wouldn’t have been Alice anyway, so I guess it wasn’t that important. Anyhow, that’s my recommendation. 🙂 That or Salmanazar, a Biblical Assyrian king AND the name for a 12 liter bottle of wine.

  9. Amy Hunter says:

    Oops . . . it’s just a 9 liter bottle. Oh well.

  10. Amy Hunter says:

    My comments are “awaiting moderation”. Please let me know when they are moderate. 🙂

  11. dreamfarming says:

    Elias, Declan, Zachary, Daniel, Octavius…that last one is so fun to say.

  12. Amanda McDowell says:

    Ezra is one of my favorite Biblical names, but that may be too short/not substantial enough. I also really like Judah but a friend of mine pointed out that it’s pretty “hippie”. And then I realized she was right. Lol.

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