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2014 Recap, Rewind, Review and Relocation (that was August)

Hey there! Linking up with Dweeja today to recap all that I managed to get onto this blog these past 12 months. Can I just resolve to be a better blogger in 2015?  Amen. Without further adieu, I give you: … Continue reading

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Taming the feast beast

It seems to hit every Advent. The rush of last-minute shopping, the crash of the schedule as every. single. child is in a performance right before Christmas that requires multiple, non-excused rehearsals, colds, flu, stomach bugs, laryngitis, travel, delayed travel, … Continue reading

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7 Ideas for Overcoming Perfectionism in Blogging

Oh, the irony….. its dripping like, like… like the showerhead in our master bath.  It just keeps dripping, little by little, then stops, then starts dripping again when you least expect it….always a drip, always a little more… Hello, my … Continue reading

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