2014 Recap, Rewind, Review and Relocation (that was August)

Hey there!

Linking up with Dweeja today to recap all that I managed to get onto this blog these past 12 months.

Can I just resolve to be a better blogger in 2015?  Amen.

Without further adieu, I give you:


(This did not happen in January)

I cvetched about the cold.  A lot.  And while I know in my hard of hearts that this area of the country isn’t “the Midwest” or “the Canada,” I just hate being cold.  And I hate trying to get kids to stay outside when they don’t want to be cold, either.  I’ll try to contain myself a bit more this time around.  I also gave some really great advice (not) on what to provide for when looking into life insurance with your husband.  (Note to self; make sure the rider for lipo is still in my policy). That poor guy from the Knights of Columbus didn’t know what he was walking into.



I reposted a post on my love affair with compression stockings while pregnant, did some quick takes about cleaning my bedroom (yikes, sorry!) and bringing my sweet baby girl to the ER on St. Valentine’s Day , took Kenny Roger’s sage advice on homeschooling, and dumped my purse out for the whole world to see.  I see the deep winter does not agree with me.  Duly noted.


(okay, I didn’t link to this post, just a bunch of quick takes, but this picture makes me laugh every. single. stinking. time.)

After an awesome homeschooling retreat with Aunt Lelia from Like Mother Like Daughter, I jumped on the 40 Bags in 40 Days bandwagon and started decluttering the homestead.  We saw the Lego movie as a family, which was huge, because we never take the whole fam to the movies (we may as well just buy a new tv for the price!) but I’m also surprised that it was March because “unseasonably warm” doesn’t begin to fit the description of the loveliness that was the weather that day.

God is good, and He loves us.  Amen.

But, it was Lent, so the weather must be gross, and it was, and Jesus asked me for my McNuggets.  I think. 🙂


One. Single. Post.  I linked up with Kendra and talked about myself and Easter…snore….zzzzz……



Me. Pregnant.  With the Tomster.

So, apparently, the first time The Hubs leaves the country for work, I fall apart.  I am lame.  But thankfully, in the end, people stay in utero, on this earth, and out of jail, so I’m happy.  I waxed on, and waxed off, about motherhood on Mother’s Day, and discussed the physical joys of pregnancy that no one shares with you before you endure, ahem, experience them.



I announced that I was going to blog for a month straight (because I’m insane) and then didn’t (because I’m human), started nesting (why, Why, WHY do I miss this warning sign every single time???), begged for help to name our baby, (and I just realized that someone did pick Thomas- good job, Amy!) and then stopped blogging until July because I HAD THE BABY THREE WEEKS EARLY!  (but everything was fine.)



The month in which everything was insane.  We had a newborn and decided to move.  Doesn’t that sound like fun!  Blog dropped again….



We get the house set to sell.  That was …. insane.  And it was all I was talking about.



Found me in the throuhes of a new baby, a new house, a new homeschooling schedule, and carpooling like a maniac.  So I wrote down a couple of funny things my kids said that I wanted to remember.  We also went to a few farms and I was even more convinced that I was as rural now on a couple of acres than I’m ever going to get.


I prove I’m not a perfectionist by not blogging.  Yep, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


You’d think I’d recap my awesome Thanksgiving or, anything else, but no, I showed up with  7 Quick Takes.  Just once.  I’m barely rolling by the end of the year here…


I talk a little about getting over my blogging perfectionism (heaven help us and save my readers from me…and take your own advice, Anne!), and remember that sometimes, we are being distracted from what is important in Advent.

Well, I’m three pictures off, so take a gander at these:




Happy New Year, friends!  Best wishes for an awesome 2015, and I hope to see you around the blog a whole lot more in the coming months.  Thank you so much for reading!!

About Anne McD @ourlittlenthouse

Hey! I'm a stay at home, Catholic mom of 7, former homeschooler, now public schooler. Welcome to our crazy. Please excuse the noise.
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