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7 Quick Takes on Friends, Felines, and The Plauge that Keeps Finding Us

Joining Kelly for another round of Quick Takes! 1.   We have our first mouse in the house.  This isn’t new territory for us, no sir, as we did have a couple of run ins with mice in the old … Continue reading

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In Which I prove I am Not Fit For Farm Living

This past weekend was the annual Farm Tour around these here parts. One thing I love about living in this area is that you go from heavy politics to suburban living to farm life to the deep south in a … Continue reading

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From the Mouths of Babes, Vol. 1

***  (Overheard from the back of my van.  I couldn’t help laughing when I heard the serious tone in this ten-year old’s voice) “Maybe its not meatloaf itself you don’t like, but just they way you’ve had it.  Because, really, … Continue reading

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Aaaand we’re nesting, we’re nesting, we’re..

cleaning this stinking house out! Last week, I went to town and back on the walls of this house with four or so boxes of magic erasers.  Seriously.  If I weren’t married, I’d be jonsing for Mr. Clean, my friends. … Continue reading

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Oh, this motherhood gig

Lemme tell you, its tough. Really, really tough. Want to hear about my Mother’s Day?  Of course you do.  Nothing waxes poetic like my life looking nothing like a Hallmark card. It started with us being down by two kids, … Continue reading

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And then Jesus Came and Asked me for Alms

Today was gross. Weather-wise, that is.  Cold, windy, rainy, snowing… yes, it snowed again today.  It was just “ick” weather, and and really dreaded going out in it, but James and I made our way out anyway to BJ’s to … Continue reading

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7 Quick Takes on Posting, More on Stitches and Homeschooling Options

Joining Jen, and you should too! 1. First off:  ARE YOU GOING TO EDEL??!!  Yeah, me neither.  But it sounds like a totally awesome time, and I’m thrilled for all the guinea pigs lovely ladies who will be going.  It … Continue reading

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