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7 Quick Takes on Friends, Felines, and The Plauge that Keeps Finding Us

Joining Kelly for another round of Quick Takes! 1.   We have our first mouse in the house.  This isn’t new territory for us, no sir, as we did have a couple of run ins with mice in the old … Continue reading

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One month blogging challange? Why not!? And I’ll answer some questions, too!

So, my friend from college, Mikaela, from La Belle Dame de Merci, has tagged me, along with a few others, to write the longest sentence with the most commas that is still grammatically correct. Kidding. “Blog for a month!” she … Continue reading

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Oh, this motherhood gig

Lemme tell you, its tough. Really, really tough. Want to hear about my Mother’s Day?  Of course you do.  Nothing waxes poetic like my life looking nothing like a Hallmark card. It started with us being down by two kids, … Continue reading

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Weekend Musings

I love days like yesterday.  Days that are busy, but not crazy busy, just filled with things you love to do. Leading up to the weekend, we had a loooong, busy list of things to do, but as I mentioned … Continue reading

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The Great Purse Dump

I love me a good link-up, and Kendra at Catholic All Year has just the one for me today!   Before I go any further, I do have to admit, I was a little scared.  I’ve seen some of these … Continue reading

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What Kenny Rodgers Taught Me About Homeschooling

source Ah, Yes.  Kenny Rodgers.  The Man, the Myth, and the Legend. I’ve known Kenny for many a year, thanks to the fact that my father, despite all notions to the contrary, LOVED country music.  So when “The Gambler” came … Continue reading

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7 RIDICULOUSLY LONG Quick Takes on Not Enough Toilet Paper, Stitches, And My Favorite Song Right Now

Do Join Jen and the Gang at Conversion Diary for way more and much better Quick Takes. 1. I’m sitting here, looking out my window, at the remains of the great “Snowmageddon” that we were hit with yesterday, and in … Continue reading

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